Classic DOUBLE WIRING-READY Pocket Door System

See price list below. Call 0333 5770828 to order.

Classic Double Pocket Door System - WIRING-READY

Get creative with space and light. Classic double pocket doors with the addition of a wiring channel.

To order please call 0333 5770828.

Imagine opening up and closing off different areas of your layout in an instant, with doors that are there when you need them, and slide into a pocket in the wall when you don’t. And because the doors slide into a pocket in the wall, the doors themselves do not take up valuable space in the room when they are open.

The Eclisse double WIRING-READY sliding pocket door system ...

  • is quick and easy to install
  • comes in a huge range of kit sizes to fit 10 UK standard door sizes. The door is not supplied to allow you choose a style of door to match others in your property or even use an existing door.
  • comes with the  addition of a wiring channel allowing sockets, thermostats, light switches and lights to be fixed on the wall covering the pocket. 
  • can be used with wood or metal stud work
  • can also be installed against an existing masonry wall by simply creating a false stud wall alongside the existing masonry one. All you need to do is to construct the frame in exactly the same way, still applying plasterboard to both sides of the frame for strength.  By doing this you will only be adding 100mm thickness to the existing wall. This is nothing compared to the space you will save by installing pocket doors instead of traditional hinged doors!

For more information or if you have any queries? Contact our friendly customer service team on  0333 5770828.


  • Prices from £742.50 + VAT. View price list .pdf
  • Lead-time from placing an order is 4-5 weeks.


  • Not sure which size you need? Have a look at this SIZE CHART & TECHNICAL SPEC. View this helpful article on how to size a pocket door. Still have questions? Call our friendly Customer Services Team on 0333 5770828.
  • Need a non standard size? Call 0333 5770828 for a quote.



  • Complete with full jamb kit including pocket entrance and top horizontal jambs and dust brushes for a professional finish.
  • Maintenance-free track and runners.
  • Fully adjustable front and rear doorstop.
  • Runners are tested to 100,000 cycles (that’s around 25 years of average use!) 
  • Anti-warp door profile
  • Self-centering door guide
  • Doors, plasterboard and final architrave not included.
  • 15 year guarantee on the complete Eclisse steel pocket system and runners
  • Note: A double door co-ordination kit comes with one soft close. If your doors are over 20Kg each then you will need to purchase an additional soft-close. If you intend to use the co-ordination kit with the BIAS soft-close then you will need to purchase two BIAS soft-closes if your doors are over 20Kg each and only one if the doors are under 20Kg each.
  • When fitting flush pull handles we recommend the stop be regulated so the door protrudes from the pocket to avoid risk to fingers. Should the door be adjusted to enter the pocket completely we do not accept any liability.
  • Bespoke: we can supply made-to-measure non-standard systems for passage size of up to 2600mm wide and up to 2600mm high
  • Max door panel weight: Up to 100Kg. Or 150Kg on request.
  • Door panel thickness: 35 or 44 mm. Note: 44mm door advised due to length of brushes supplied with system.
  • Finished wall thickness 150mm.
  • Install at finished floor level.
  • CAD drawing (.dwg): - Download
  • NBS Spec: -
  • BIM: Download-

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