Disabled Facilities Grant

Disabled Facilities Grant

Posted by Kevin Stanley on 12th Sep 2023

You may not know it, but there is a wide range of disability-related financial support available from the Government.

If you have a disability you may be able to claim for a Disabled Facilities Grant which can help you to pay for adaptations to your current home to allow you to continue to live there more comfortably. For example, this may include money to pay for a stairlift or an accessible bathroom.

You can check your eligibility online but if you are on a low income or Universal Credit you may be able to claim for grant money to help you.

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In England the value of the grant is up to £30,000 while in Wales it is up to £36,000 and in Northern Ireland up to £25,000. Disabled Facilities Grants are not available in Scotland but they do offer other support for equipment and adaptations.

You can find out more information and apply for a grant here: https://www.gov.uk/apply-disabled-facilities-grant

There are many adaptations that you could make to your home including ramps for wheelchair access, modifications to your bathroom such as a toilet and basin with grab rails, lever-operated taps, a shower seat, or even an alarm to alert people of a fall.

Photography Credit: Blackwood Homes

We believe that living comfortably and having your accessibility requirements met should be something that is available to everyone. There are many ways to adapt your home to your needs using pocket doors. We offer a range of pocket doors, and accessories, that are both inclusive in design and aesthetically pleasing. Everything ECLISSE does is built on the foundation of evidence-based inclusive design principles and a conviction that accessibility should not look clinical.

Photography Credit: Blackwood Homes

There are many simple benefits to pocket doors and in fact in many cases they are superior to hinged doors, especially when considering access for people with disabilities. Doorways can present a challenge for people that are partially sighted, have reduced mobility, or use a wheelchair. This is where ECLISSE sliding pocket door systems meet a vital need. The leading edge of traditional hinged doors may pose a hazard as it arcs towards them intruding into the corridor. Also, for wheelchair users the awkward backward and forward motion required to open a hinged door can be frustrating.

One of the benefits of pocket doors being top-hung is that they don’t need a threshold strip, which results in an easier flow around the home. Flooring can continue seamlessly throughout a building meaning that possible trip hazards are eliminated. Pocket doors can be installed with a minimum effective clear opening width of 800mm providing a wide passageway for wheelchair access. You may wish to consider the benefits of a partially, or fully, glazed door as this would improve visibility. Also, it would be especially useful for users with reduced grip/motor skills to fit large bar handles which are much easier to grip and operate than traditional doorknobs or flush handles.

Photography Credit: Cox Architects - Open House

The ECLISSE patented Hoist Pocket Door System can be installed to allow a hoist track to pass through the pocket door opening-especially useful for access to bathroom facilities such as toilets and bathing solutions. The perfect solution for domestic homes and residential care homes alike.

We advise you to check your eligibility and apply online. 

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