OPEN HOUSE - Cox Architects and ECLISSE

OPEN HOUSE - Cox Architects and ECLISSE

Posted by Hester Cross on 4th Apr 2023

Situated in a peaceful borough of the busy Capital of London, Cox architects designed an accessible house swimming in style. They were able to meet necessary needs for the family whilst holding on to aesthetic features that add a stunning look to the property. 

A open and spacious interior was a must for this property, as were sliding pocket doors, hoists and a wheelchair lift. Essential materials were used to make this house accessible for the couples youngest daughter, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic illness at 18 months old. 

The decision to extend the property was decided very early on with the potential of a large extension. The couple was able to add nearly 70sqm to the ground floor alone, helping to give the family more independent freedom and space. Assessible elements were incorporated in to an everyday home such as ECLISSE pocket door systems and ECLISSE hoist pocket door systems to create an environment that wasn't consumed by accessibility needs. 

LOCATION: London Borough of Lambeth, SW17

STATUS: Completed 2019

BUILT: Elson Construction & Co. Ltd

ENGINEER: Steve Nicolaou

ARCHITECTCox Architects

SPECIALIST GLAZING: Vision Design Projects Ltd

PHOTOGRAPHER: Matt Clayton Photography

SHOOT STYLIST: Camilla Hegarty

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