Disability and Eclisse

The benefits of sliding pocket doors are often overlooked when designing new or refurbished accommodation for people with disabilities and interiors where inclusive design is deemed important.

Of course you get more usable space and no intrusion into corridors, but if you are a wheelchair user or have difficulties with manoeuvrability it is clearly much, much easier to pass through a sliding pocket door.

The awkward backward and forward motion needed when using a hinged door is completely eliminated.

This is also the case for anyone using walking aids or indeed blind or the sight impaired, as the danger from the leading edge is removed.

Accessibility issues posed by a hinged door


The accessibility offered by a sliding door


The Eclisse Advantage

Accessibility and Inclusive Design

The British Standards Institute (2005) defines inclusive design as: 'The design of mainstream products and/or services that are accessible to, and usable by, as many people as reasonably possible ... without the need for special adaptation or specialised design.'

Pocket doors are easier to use than hinged doors as shown by the diagrams above and come in a wide range of sizes and passage widths. The Eclisse pocket door systems can offer passage sizes up to 2 metres wide for single doors and up to 4 metres wide for double pocket doors. 

Quality and Reliability

Independent laboratories have tested the Eclisse system to 100,000 open/close cycles. That’s more than 25 years average use!

More Space

Eclisse pocket doors create more valuable space in any situation multiplying design ideas and opening up more possibilities.

Self and Soft Close

Once opened it closes by itself, it is that easy. When using the soft close device you push the door and it closes softly and quietly by itself.


No need for specialist equipment. The Eclisse system comes in kits that will fit a huge range of standard UK door sizes. 

Door Design

Use our kits with your own timber doors or choose from our stunning range of glass doors.

No threshold strip

With a pocket door, the door is top hung from a track, and so there is no threshold strip and nothing to obstruct smooth passage from one room to another.

Fire-Rated Version Available

We have a single fire-rated system for FD30 fire doors (44mm).

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