Product Certification

Independent Testing- Dynamic Impact Test (UNI EN 1629)

A pocket door system sample of size 1000mm x2100mm with 12.5mm plasterboard either side was subjected to an independent dynamic impact test. This is designed to simulate a violent impact to the pocket. During the test a soft sack weighing 30 Kg is swung orthogonally onto the pocket from various heights. The force required to open the door before and after the test is measured. After the test the door continue to operate as before with no adverse effects or increase in force required to open the door.

pdf-icon-48x48.png-48x48-q95-crop-subsampling-2.png  Certification CSI - Dynamic Impact resistance


Independent Testing - Runners (UNI EN 1527)

The Eclisse runners were subjected to a test of 100,000 opening and closing cycles and continued to run smoothly. 100,000 cycles is approximately 25 years of normal use. In addition, the runners obtained the highest level of corrosion resistance (grade 4) after 240 hours in salt fog.

pdf-icon-48x48.png-48x48-q95-crop-subsampling-2.png Certification scrolling 4-wheel - 100 kg


Fire Testing - FD30 System

Field of Application Report/Certificate from the International Fire Consultants Ltd for the Classic Single FD30 System. 

pdf-icon-48x48.png-48x48-q95-crop-subsampling-2.png  IFC-Field of Application Report 


Internal Test - BIAS DS Anti-slam soft close

The BIAS DS achieved 160,000 open and close cycles and continued to function normally during an internal test in the Eclisse Laboratory. The test was performed on a 1000 x 2000 mm door panel weighing 40kg. Frequency of cycles: 7/min.


Glass Tempering - 8mm and 10mm Glass Doors

pdf-icon-48x48.png-48x48-q95-crop-subsampling-2.png 8mm Glass Door Tempering Certificate

pdf-icon-48x48.png-48x48-q95-crop-subsampling-2.png 10mm Glass Door Tempering Certificate


Environmental Certificate ISO14001 

pdf-icon-48x48.png-48x48-q95-crop-subsampling-2.png  ISO Certification 


Health & Safety ISO 45001

ISO 45001 supports the development of health and safety policies and objectives, determines hazards and health risks, and puts in place controls and procedures to reduce the risk of harm. It fosters active employee involvement, leading to a safer workplace and less disruption to operations due to staff illness or health-related absence.

pdf-icon-48x48.png-48x48-q95-crop-subsampling-2.png  ISO Certification

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