Why ECLISSE Pocket Door Systems are great for bathrooms

Why ECLISSE Pocket Door Systems are great for bathrooms

Posted by Kevin Stanley on 10th Oct 2023

Pocket door systems can be used anywhere throughout the home – between the lounge and dining room is great for entertainment purposes, between the kitchen and utility room is perfect for laundry purposes. But a place where pocket door systems are simply perfect is in bathrooms and ensuites. Here we explain the benefits.

Optimised layouts

The main benefits of pocket door systems are space saving and utilisation of that space by maximisation of your floor plan, that will give you more freedom in your interior design choices. For example, installing a pocket door system between a bedroom and an ensuite would help you to create a better optimised layout because there won’t be a door opening onto anything such as the wash basin or the toilet. You will regain the space behind where a normal hinged door would be and you will be able to utilise this space. This might allow you to fit a larger wash basin, or even a larger bath. Perhaps the extra space would enable you to install a standalone shower, that may have otherwise not been possible to incorporate into the room. An added benefit in some properties, where rooms back onto one another, is the elimination of doors clashing against each other as they open into a shared hallway.

Natural light

Pocket doors are also a great way to make a bold design statement in your bathroom. By oversizing doors, in either height or width, you can create a grand opening into a bathroom or ensuite which will draw attention to the bathroom as a statement room. All bathrooms should be well lit, but you should aim to increase the levels of natural light rather than artificial light. To achieve this you can choose a fully tempered frameless glazed door to allow extra light into the room, as well as adding an extra touch of elegance.

Interior flow

Pocket doors between bedrooms and bathrooms, or ensuites, create a better flow of movement from one room to another. A hinged door limits the interior design, by simply being in the way. Because pocket doors are top-hung they remove the arc of the door, so in terms of interior flow, if you leave a pocket door open, circulation works better, as it is more convenient.


In terms of accessibility pocket doors are an excellent solution. When considering disabled facilities, hinged doors that open inwards present a risk if someone has fallen and is blocking the door. Conversely if they open outwards, they present an obstacle in the corridor for anyone trying to access the facilities to offer aid. A pocket door that slides into a pocket offers an unobstructed passageway and overcomes both of these issues at once.

There is another added advantage to installing pocket door system is that ECLISSE offers a Hoist Compatible Pocket Door System can also be installed to allow a hoist track to pass through the pocket door opening. This is especially useful for access to toilets and bathing solutions and is the perfect solution for domestic homes and residential care homes alike where a disabled user needs assisted access.

Buyer appeal

If you are renovating a house to sell, you will want the bathroom to make a great impression on buyers. A large percentage of house prices are tied into the wow factor of bathrooms it makes sense to make your bathroom stand out and look as good as possible. A beautiful bathroom can be a key factor in making a sale. Installing a pocket door is a great way to add wow factor at the same time as improving the usability and increasing the value of the property.

Pocket door systems will help you to create a modern and clean-looking house, maximise your floorplan, and help to create more convenient access and improved flow between rooms as well as adding the wow factor.

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