Three International Case Studies Incorporating Eclisse Pocket Door Systems

Three International Case Studies Incorporating Eclisse Pocket Door Systems

Posted by Hester Cross on 15th Jan 2018

Eclisse is a renowned brand and global supplier of sliding pocket door systems. The head office and manufacturing base is in Italy and there is a network of subsidiaries worldwide. More than 2000 distributors exist worldwide, including here in the UK.

Acknowledging the international appeal of Eclisse Pocket Door system, here are three different examples of Eclisse Pocket Door Systems being used in very different interiors from Finland, Brazil and Italy.

Eclisse Syntesis Flush Pocket Door Systems in a Family Home in Finland

Interior designer Minna Haapakoski, owner of Sisustussuunnittelu design studio, was asked to redesign the upper floor of a small house in Southern Finland. It was a house she was familiar with, having worked on it 6 years previously. The house owners' children are now 9 and 11 and wanted separate bedrooms so the client asked Minna to redesign the upper floor.

Minna came up with a design that involved removing virtually all the existing internal wall partitions and reworking the space to provide a bigger bathroom and two children’s bedrooms either side of a common living area. The use of Eclisse pocket door systems meant that the space could be used more effectively. Minna explained, ‘the sofa was able to fit perfectly in the room since neither the bathroom door nor the bedroom door takes up space. In this way I could freely choose where to place furniture without taking into account the size of the open doors “.

Project: Restructuring of the upper floor of a single house
Location: Southern Finland
Designer: Sisustussuunnittelu minna
Products: Eclisse Syntesis Flush Pocket Door Systems

Eclisse Classic Single Pocket Door Systems used for Public Bathrooms in Brazil

Interior designers Bianca Coelho and Janice Abreu from Trace 2 Interior Design, demonstrated how they would incorporate Eclisse Classic Pocket Door Systems into a high class bar interior at the CasaCor exhibition in Bahia.

The designers used Eclisse Classic Double Pocket Door Systems with striking images of man and woman for the entrance to the male and female public bathrooms at the show and used Classic Pocket Door Systems for toilet cubicles to show how the Eclisse pocket door systems improve accessibility. This video (with English subtitles) shows the pocket doors and features the interior designers talking about their project.

Project: Showcase of Interior Designers’ ideas for incorporating pocket doors into public bathrooms
Location: Bahia, Brazil
Designer: Bianca Coelho and Janice Abreu from Trace 2 Interior Desig
Products: Eclisse Classic Single & Double Pocket Door Systems

Eclisse Syntesis Pocket Door Systems used in the Renovation of a Rustic Venetian Farmhouse, Italy

This project demonstrates the versatility of the Eclisse Syntesis Flush Pocket Door System highlighting how it can be used in a traditional setting. The style of the interior of this property is classic with heavy beamed ceilings and ornate fixtures and fittings, and yet the architrave-free pocket door systems blend in perfectly with the surrounding features. Downstairs a predominance of double pocket door systems have been used with dark wooden doors with glazing panels. Upstairs the pocket doors are used as ‘secret doors’ with the panelling of the doors matching the surrounding panelling to mask the existence of ensuite bathrooms behind.

Project: Renovation of Ventian Farmhouse

Location: Treviso, Italy

Products: Eclisse Syntesis Flush Single & Double Pocket Door Systems

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