Let Us Inspire You: Create a happy home-office with ECLISSE Pocket Door Systems

Let Us Inspire You: Create a happy home-office with ECLISSE Pocket Door Systems

Posted by Caroline Clarkson on 4th Nov 2020

Many of us (around 60% of the UK adult population) have recently found ourselves working from home, maybe initially from the kitchen or dining room table or from a corner of the spare room. With the current situation showing no signs of changing many of us are looking at ways to improve our home-office working area. Here are some top tips of how to create a functional and productive home-office space.

Dedicated space

Working from home can be challenging, but having a dedicated, well set up workspace can make all the difference. Ideally, your office should be in a quiet area that allows you some privacy. You might find that a spare room with a door can reduce noise from the rest of the house if you'll be on the phone frequently. Your home office should ideally be a place that you can leave at the end of the day and “go home” to enjoy your private life, without the temptation to finish a project or check your email.

Consider the light

Set up your home office so it has plenty of light. Daylight, improves productivity and alertness. Bad lighting in offices has been associated with a range of ill-health effects, both physical and mental, such as eye strain, headaches, fatigue and also stress and anxiety and this will be the same for your home-office.

Consider installing an ECLISSE Glass Pocket Door.

One way to gain more light and more space for your home-office is to consider replacing a traditional hinged door with an ECLISSE Glass Pocket Door. You can see from the illustration below how simply doing this can make a big difference to your office layout. Adding a Glass Pocket Door also allows you to maximise the natural light in the room too.

With a pocket door you can gain up to 8% of additional space – which could have significant impact on your home-office layout. It could make the difference between being able to have a larger desk to fit your needs, add more storage or even to change the layout so you can face the window! These things can make a huge difference to your overall working environment.

ECLISSE Pocket Door Systems are packed with ingenious features that have been specifically designed to make assembly and installation easier. For more information about the Eclisse range of products visit www.eclisse.co.uk or call our friendly customer service team on 0333 5770828.

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