Interior Design Trends 2024

Interior Design Trends 2024

Posted by Kevin Stanley on 4th Mar 2024

Are doors under appreciated? Can they be a showpiece in your home? We look at some of the trends and fashions and explain how you can make your doorways a feature in the home.

Fashions and trends

Is interior design simply down to a homeowner’s personal preference? Or is it driven by trends? Architects and interior designers no doubt play a part in interior design trends – they literally specify what colours and styles are current. But we are in fact influenced by many factors. We see advertising everywhere and while some of it may be obvious, some of it is more subtle and less easy to recognise – yet just as powerful. Much of what we see, and are subsequently influenced by is subliminal. A colour may quickly become fashionable, but fall out of fashion just as quickly, and we may never even know what influenced it. On trend colours may filter down from high end fashion. The colour prized on the catwalks of Paris, New York and Milan last season might suddenly become the favoured colour for interior design.

Social media drives trends

We also see styles and trends being driven by celebrities, film stars or footballers. We see their interior design choices and attempt to emulate their style within our own homes. Social media has also begun to play a huge role in influencing interior design over the past decade since the advent of platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok that literally allow us to take a look into the lives and homes of those that we follow.

Image credit : Kuche & Bagno

The door as a focal point

One facet of your home that is under appreciated is doorways. There’s nothing to stop you from highlighting your doorways and making them stand out. They are the entrance to the room, but just because they are not in the centre of the room it doesn’t mean that they can’t be the centrepiece! Believe it or not you can make the door the focal point of the room. By using bold colours you can get a modern, crisp and fresh look. A brightly coloured door against less brightly coloured wall will make your door stand out and draw attention to it.

Colours and styles – the choice is yours

You can choose any style or colour of door to put into an ECLISSE UK pocket door system. If you want traditional look you can opt for plain wooden doors with matching architrave. If you’re look to add character a great choice is to use reclaimed timber doors that are also a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

Image credit: Laura Crombie 

Pocket doors are simple to change

You might think that once a pocket door has been fitted that you are committed to that door forever, but ECLISSE UK pocket door systems are simple to change which makes them ideal for homeowners that want to move with the times and follow the latest trends.

So while we don’t suggest you change your doors with the changing seasons, you know that you always have the option to make a change should you wish to do so.

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