How To Guide: Installing a lock on an ECLISSE UK Pocket Door System

How To Guide: Installing a lock on an ECLISSE UK Pocket Door System

Posted by Kevin Stanley on 5th Apr 2023

This is a fairly simple job that we would expect to be easily achievable by a competent DIYer. However, as this job requires the use of a router, plus a certain amount of skill and dexterity, we recommend that you are experienced in the use of this type of power tool before you begin. We would not recommend that you attempt this job for the first time without prior experience of using such a tool.

This guide should be used to supplement prior experience or knowledge. It is designed to guide you in how to successfully rebate your door and to enable you to fit a lock to a door for use with an ECLISSE UK Pocket Door System.

ECLISSE UK Pocket Door Systems are suitable for use with locking mechanisms, and whilst more often than not a lock will not be required, there are certain instances where you may wish to fit one such as if the door leads to a bathroom or an ensuite.

Rebating the door to enable you to fit a locking mechanism

1. Rebate your door according to the rebate diagram supplied with the lock.

2. Ensure your rebates are accurate and neat.

Top Tip: pay special attention to the back-set of the lock (the distance from the leading edge of the door to the centre of the spindle) as this needs to be very accurate.

3. Insert the body of the lock into the door and mark the screw hole locations.

4. Predrill the holes to ensure your screws line up, and then secure into place with the screws provided.

5. Assemble the lock by fitting the spindle sleeve onto the spindle and then, in turn, into the door.

6. Apply the finger and thumb turn side of the lock to the door.

Note: Be sure that it seats into the spindle correctly and that the lock operates with ease.

Top Tip: You can secure this into place with the grub screw. The two discs should friction fit to the door.

Top Tip: If the rebate in the door is a little too big you can fix it into place with a bead of silicone.

7. Finally, if you are recessing your door flush back into the pocket, you will need to install the leading edge pull into the door, this can be secured into place with silicone if necessary.

For a visual demonstration of how to install a lock, watch our instructional video here:  

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