Evolution of Pocket Doors

Evolution of Pocket Doors

Posted by Kevin Stanley on 17th Oct 2023

Everything evolves

Hinged doors are simple. They do the job for which they are designed. There’s simply no need to question them. Or is there? Shouldn’t we be thinking about how to make doors better? Everything evolves. Pocket doors are the next step in the evolution of doors and they come with several benefits – both in terms of practicality and style.

Why swing when you can slide?

Unlike a standard hinged door that is swung open and requires an arc of space in which to do it, pocket doors slide subtly into a pocket in the wall. We say, why swing, when you can slide? The door panel is top-hung from a track that allows the door to slide from side to side. Sliding into a pocket saves space and offers advantages for enhanced floorplans. Installing pocket doors can create up to 8% more usable space in a 100m2 layout. They can be installed where space is at a premium such as in apartments, or to create seamless interior flow that provides unimpeded access. They offer a flexible solution where a traditional hinged door would otherwise limit access into a room and their functional, creative designs make them an excellent choice for smaller rooms such as washrooms and utility rooms.

Maintenance free, fully extractable track

The other area where ECLISSE has pushed the evolution of pocket door systems is the track and rollers. Historically pocket doors were maligned for their clunky nature – they got jammed, made a lot of noise, and frequently broke altogether.

However in 1989 when Luigi de Faveri established ECLISSE Srl he re-engineered the entire concept of the sliding pocket door. The result was a metal framed system that is installed as a complete unit into studwork. Everything was considered from the design of the track that prevents the rollers from jumping out, to the quality of the nylon ball bearing rollers, ease of assembly and even the ease with which the floor guide attaches to the frame. ECLISSE has been perfecting de Faveri’s system ever since and now boasts a wide range of pocket door systems in an array of finishes as well as a range of useful and innovative accessories.

All ECLISSE pocket door systems are maintenance free but, thanks to clever design, if they are damaged, the track and runners are all fully extractable. It’s simple to remove the architrave and top jamb to reveal the track, which can then be replaced or accessories can be added. There is no need to remove plaster which would need to be reinstated afterwards.

Retrofitting Accessories

ECLISSE offers a wide range of accessories. It’s easiest to choose the accessories at the point of install. However as mentioned if you realise that you need to add an accessory at a later date then the system is designed to make it simple to retrofit accessories should circumstances change. Popular accessories include the BIAS (Soft-Close with Built-In Anti-Slam) system, the Touch Latch, self-closing systems and coordination kits.

ECLISSE is committed to continual development and innovation. We regularly bring new and improved products to market. Our products will continue to evolve with the needs and expectations of the market to make pocket doors the future of doors. We invite you to rethink doors and reimagine spaces that are larger, offer improved accessibility, and are seamlessly interconnected.

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