ECLISSE UK Competition Winner!

ECLISSE UK Competition Winner!

Posted by Hester Cross on 15th Dec 2020

We are proud to announce the lucky winner of our ECLISSE #Unhinged competition, Jack Harvey!

Jack Harvey from J Harvey Carpentry & Construction entered our competition through Instagram (eclisse_uk_ltd) with brilliant photographs of the extension project he has been working on, including ECLISSE pocket door systems. We are incredibly pleased to announce him as our competition winner for our #Unhinged campaign. 

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Jack has also answered a few questions regarding his experience with ECLISSE products and the ongoing project. 

  • Can you give us a overview of the project in the photographs?

The project was part of a two storey extension. We used the pocket door systems to create a walk through wardrobe to access an en-suite bathroom from the main bedroom.

  • What made you decide to include an ECLISSE pocket door in to your project rather than hinged doors?

The decision was made to include the Eclisse pocket door systems as opposed to conventional hinged doors to allow the en-suite and wardrobe space to be fully utilised. Using a conventional door would have meant eating in to the storage space of the walk in wardrobe and wouldn’t have given the flexibility necessary in the en-suite bathroom.

  • What was your experience of buying from Eclisse?

Buying from Eclisse was really straightforward with a very user friendly website. The different systems available were clearly presented and it was simple to find the right systems I needed.

  • What were your thoughts of our products after using them in your project?

 I found the installation process really simple and the instructions were clear. Everything slots together nice and easily and the removable tracks are genius!

My thoughts on the Eclisse products after using them were that they seem to be of good quality, well thought out design and the overall finish on them are great.

  • Would you consider using Eclisse products again?

 I would definitely consider using an Eclisse pocket door system again in future. They really make the most of a small area and introduce something different to a space compared to a conventional door

  • Would you recommend ECLISSE products to your family and friends?

I would recommend Eclisse products to family and friends who were looking for a change from the norm or were needing a solution for a smaller space. 

Big congratulations to Jack!

Keep an eye out for future competitions at ECLISSE UK. 

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