ECLISSE UK are Proud to be Employee Owned

ECLISSE UK are Proud to be Employee Owned

Posted by Kevin Stanley on 20th Feb 2024

ECLISSE UK Ltd. is an employee-owned company based in Grantham, Lincolnshire. It’s a leading supplier of pocket door systems to the UK and Ireland. ECLISSE UK is a 1/3 owned by ECLISSE Srl that was established in 1989 by Luigi De Faveri. Ever since ECLISSE pocket door systems have been manufactured at a state-of-the-art facility in Treviso, Northern Italy which supplies a network of subsidiaries and distributors across the world, and has 300+ employees.

ECLISSE UK was formed in 2001 and since 2019 has been two-thirds employee-owned and is a member of the Employee Ownership Association. Employee-owned businesses typically achieve higher productivity and greater levels of innovation and are more resilient to economic turbulence; something which the company has proven over the past two years since the global pandemic.

ECLISSE UK with its head office, customer service centre, warehouse and training facility all based in Lincolnshire is proud to have supplied major housebuilders and smaller developers alike. We boast an excellent product supply record alongside second-to-none pre-sales and after-sales care, with site visits available and the ability to supply spare parts rapidly when required.

“Everyone who works at ECLISSE UK is happy to be working at a company that is employee-owned,” says Caroline Clarkson, Managing Director of ECLISSE. “Everyone knows that the more that they put in, the more they will get out. This really contributes towards not only increased productivity, but also to a real sense of teamwork. ECLISSE UK is part of a journey that Luigi De Faveri began in 1989, and as an employee-owned business we retain the spirit of being a family-owned business, just as our parent company has always been.”

Part of being employee-owned is the ability to shape our own company – the ethos and the benefits that come from working at ECLISSE UK. The leadership team and trustees are committed to ensuring that the company continues to grow steadily and sustainably whilst treating its staff, customers and stakeholders well.As an employee-owned business we are also committed to supporting the health and well-being of its employees. We offer many employee benefits including a generous holiday allowance (including a day off on your birthday), health insurance, membership at Choices Health and Fitness Club in Grantham, plus the opportunity to take advantage of the cycle to work scheme. All employees are also able to benefit from a profit share at the end of the financial year. In addition they have regular, monthly, company lunchtime meals which gives everyone the chance to get together and share a meal and conversation.

“As an employee-owned company we believe that it’s very important for us to look after our employees’ health and well-being so we’ve put together an attractive benefits package,” says Clarkson. “We are all part of a small but thriving company. Everyone treats each other as individuals and as equals. We hope that our benefits package not only contributes towards improved mood and increased satisfaction of our employees but that it also makes ECLISSE UK an even more desirable place to work.”

In January 2024 ECLISSE Srl. merged with DeFAVERI – the perfect merger of two companies that share the same vision and goals. Everyone at ECLISSE UK is proud to be a part of this long and distinguished history in designing and manufacturing pocket door systems.

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