​Eclisse supply the Lukas Koch foundation with Eclisse Hoist Pocket Door Systems.

​Eclisse supply the Lukas Koch foundation with Eclisse Hoist Pocket Door Systems.

Posted by Hester Cross on 1st Dec 2017

Mitochondrial diseases affect patients of all ages. The disease can start immediately after birth with severe muscle weakness, heart involvement and impaired overall brain function. More commonly mitochondrial disease presents later in childhood, in adolescence and in adulthood. In the vast majority of patients, this is a progressive illness with major disability.

Lukas Koch suffers from Mitochondrial disease, he is in a wheelchair and cannot speak or walk. Founded in 2009, the Lukas Koch foundation aims to improve the quality of life for people with severe disabilities and their families. The foundation has created a purpose built centre in Alicante is divided into two separate areas: an area open to all with offices, physiotherapy studies, a sensory pool and meeting rooms. The other area is reserved for residents in the form of an apartment with seven bedrooms, bathrooms, common areas equipped with kitchen and dining room.

The project, partly funded by the foundation, partly paid, is designed as a house that can accommodate up to a maximum of 7 people from 17-18 years. The other members of the family do not live permanently within this building but everyone has the opportunity to spend the day with their children. It is an environment where the young people can be independent of their family and at the same time free to live their lives.

Sliding pocket doors are hugely beneficial when designing new or refurbished accommodation for people with disabilities where inclusive design is deemed important. Of course, you get more usable space and no intrusion into corridors, but if you are a wheelchair user or have difficulties with manoeuvrability, it is much, much easier to pass through a sliding pocket door. More than 30 sliding pocket door systems and 11 Eclisse Hoist pocket door systems have been installed inside the Lukas Koch building. The Eclisse Hoist pocket door system has meant that a hoist lift can be between rooms to transport the young people from one area to another. For example, three ECLISSE Hoist pocket door systems have been installed in the physiotherapy area. The ceiling mounted motorized lifting system allows residents to reach the pool and be lowered into the water. 

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