Disability & ECLISSE : Our Pocket Door Systems Making Life Easier

Disability & ECLISSE : Our Pocket Door Systems Making Life Easier

Posted by Hester Cross on 13th Jun 2018

Prior to the remodeling of his families' apartment, Joel was hindered by obstacles and barriers inside his own home and was only able to access around 40% of the space. Architect, William Palencia Hurtado, was involved in the redesign of the apartment that incorporated ECLISSE pocket door systems and the ECLISSE HOIST pocket door system in order to make the space accessible for Joel. Another criteria of the brief was to ensure the resulting work did not make the apartment look clinical and like a hospital. The final design with our pocket door systems allowed the apartment to remain homely and also meet the needs of Joel and his wheelchair.

For Joel, the motorised hoist lifting device is an essential piece of equipment to help him access the bathroom. The ingenious design of the HOIST Pocket Door System allows the hoist lift mechanism to pass through the door unaffected by the pocket door track and vice versa. The pocket sliding door is able to close unaffected by the hoist track. In this case a double door system was incorporated but single HOIST Pocket Door Systems are also available.

More information about this system can be found here

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