Difference is in the details

Difference is in the details

Posted by Kevin Stanley on 15th Jan 2024

At ECLISSE we use innovative technology to create the most advanced sliding pocket door systems on the market. The quality of ECLISSE products can be seen and experienced both during the installation process and in everyday use, but it's the details that make the difference. We’ve designed these systems extremely carefully to ensure that installation is simple and quick. But we also designed them to continue working for many years to come, without the need for any maintenance.

Fully extractable track

You will receive complete piece of mind with our fully extractable track allows for the retrofitting of accessories without the need to break into the plaster/wall. 

Self-centring door guide

The self-centring door guide is designed to sit perfectly in the middle of the internal passage. It’s not fixed to the floor, but rather it’s directly screwed to the pocket system base. The self-centring door guide ensures that the door runs perfectly in the centre of the pocket system.

Anti-warp profile

ECLISSE pocket door systems also incorporate an anti-warp profile to facilitate smooth running. The device fits into a routed channel on the underside of the door and slides on a spigot on the floor guide and ensures that even if the door warps over time, due to age or environmental changes, the profile won’t warp and the pocket door will continue to function smoothly.


ECLISSE runners are tested for smoothness and fluidity, they’re guaranteed for durability, smooth movements and silent running even after 100,000 opening-closing cycles.

Strength is everything

The ECLISSE pocket is made of 1.2 mm galvanised steel profiles for strength and durability. The specially formed profiles and five double-sided horizontal bracing sections that make up the pocket of the ECLISSE system provide strength and the system can be installed into studwork as a complete unit making the process quicker and easier.


The fully functional ECLISSE showroom in Grantham offers architects, specifiers, housebuilders and homeowners the opportunity to see our products in action, in a real-world scenario. Our product expert will guide you around the showroom, explain how each system is designed and help you to decide which system is most appropriate for your requirements. We can also offer in person, in-situ advice on sizing and installation as well as providing literature to take away and links to our professionally produced instructional videos which make the process of installing our systems simple and quick.

Training room

The newly opened ECLISSE training room has been designed and built with installers in mind. Our new facility is open to installers for training across a variety of ECLISSE systems and accessories.

We believe that our products are best in class and we achieve this by paying attention to detail and producing a consistently superior product. ECLISSE aims to be innovative and efficient in all of our operations. We believe that the difference is in the details. We invite you to rethink doors and discover the benefits of ECLISSE sliding door systems.

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