9 top technical tips to help you with the installation of your Eclisse Classic pocket door system.

9 top technical tips to help you with the installation of your Eclisse Classic pocket door system.

Posted by John Neale on 28th Jun 2017

Here are 9 top tips that will help you with your Eclisse Classic pocket door system installation

(1) Use Trestles: Obvious but worth mentioning, a pair of trestles is the easiest way to assemble the Eclisse frame. The trestles enable you to work easily and quickly around the framework until the pocket is assembled and the track in place. Then remove the assembled frame from the trestles and lay on floor to attach the metal door post and distance pieces. Take a look at this YouTube video.

(2) Horizontal bars: When assembling the pocket using the Eclisse click system each pocket horizontal fits into a predetermined position. Don't just push it into position with your hand, take a small mallet and tap until it clicks into place.

(3) Get your floor levels right: When installing the frame, ensure it's installed at Finished Floor Level.

If you don't it means the door might not slide out of the pocket. With a wooden door this may not be such a problem, you might be able to trim the bottom. But you can't do that with a glass door, so make sure the frame is installed at Finished Floor Level!

(4) Assembling the track: When you come to screwing the track and holder to the top of the pocket, first make sure the clip joint in the centre on top of the track holder has clicked into place and is fully secured, then proceed with screwing into place. Don't force the screws, these are screwing into sheet steel and if you force them they can strip their threads so take it slowly and easily!

(5) Make sure the frame is in line: Ensure the two metal bracers are installed before positioning the frame into the stud wall. This will help keep the frame in line and it will be easier to manoeuvre.
After positioning always check levels etc with a spirit level.

(6) Pocket floor brackets: Once the frame is securely attached to the stud, make sure the Pocket Floor Brackets are well screwed to the floor. Position two of the brackets as close as possible to the pocket entrance and the other two brackets two thirds along the horizontal bars.Brackets can be bent inwards and outwards depending on your installation, this will keep the frame from excessive movement at the bottom.

(7) Adjustable Door Stop: It is easier to adjust the stop once the frame is installed, before the plasterboard is attached.If the plasterboard is already attached then please follow these instructions:

BEFORE INSTALLING THE DOOR: Remove the track by unscrewing the aluminium track from the track holder above the door opening and sliding the track slightly forwards to disengage the bayonet system within the pocket. Place the track on a flat surface and loosen the large screw. The stop will not move yet as it is also held in place by two indentations. A sharp hit with a hammer and a blunt instrument will then release the stop. Take a small file and file down the tops of the indentations on the inside of the track to ensure the runners do not impede its passage. Position the stop at the required point and re-tighten the screw. As long as you tighten the screw to its maximum the stop will work correctly. However if you feel it necessary, as well as tightening the screw to its maximum you can use a small self drilling/tapping screw through the side of the track into the stop.Replace the track into the track holder ensuring the bayonet system within the pocket is fully engaged and screw it back into the track holder using the original screws and positions.

DOOR ALREADY INSTALLED: If you have installed your door, jambs and architraves you must first remove the required architrave and jamb and then remove the door by loosening the lock nuts on the top door brackets and sliding the door off. Then follow the instructions "BEFORE INSTALLING THE DOOR".
Important : it is possible to adjust the door to retract fully into the pocket however we do not recommend this as there may be a risk of trapping fingers when fitting flush pulls at the point where they enter the pocket. If you decide to adjust the door to fully retract into the pocket then we do not accept any liability or responsibility for any damage caused by this.

(8) Fitting the plasterboard: We recommend you use the black screws provided with our system, they are exactly the right size to ensure the door won't be scratched. If you use your own screws then be careful – it’s your responsibility if the door gets damaged.

(9) Installing the door: The door must be installed before the jambs, if you install the jambs, the door won’t fit!
Paint or stain the door before installing it in the frame, (you might want to paint or stain the jambs at the same time). Don’t forget the floor guide, it's essential! It reduces the movement of the door and will also keep the door in line so it engages correctly with the door post.

All our systems come with instructions and there are also a variety of useful installation videos on our YouTube channel   EclisseUK.

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