Not all pocket doors are the same

When you’re comparing an Eclisse pocket door system against other brands, take a moment to  check whether they can offer all of this…



clock-blk.png TIME SAVING: We don’t expect you to have to spend time cutting the steels to size to suit your door, so we offer a range of sizes to fit standard UK and ROI door sizes. All you need to do is just pick the kit that fits your standard door size.
strong-blk.jpg STRONG: The pocket of the Eclisse frame is the strongest of its type on the market. The vertical uprights and horizontal bars are made from galvanised steel formed into robust cross-sections. It is very important that the pocket is strong because this replaces your stud work in the wall. So unlike other systems which have wooden uprights, the Eclisse system is strong and robust.
alignment-is-essential-blk.jpg ALIGNMENT: The door post, pocket and track assemble together and are inserted into the stud work as a complete unit which helps to ensure the door will run true and in line. 

CORROSION RESISTANT FRAME: There is a European testing procedure which classifies resistance to corrosion in grades from the minimum resistance of 1 to a maximum of 4.  After 240 hours in a salt mist spray the Eclisse system was judged to be a grade 4 – that’s the best result you can get. So the Eclisse pocket door systems are suitable for areas of the house that are prone to moisture, such as bathrooms, utilities, and basements.  


MAINTENANCE FREE RUNNERS: All our pocket door systems come with runners that have been tested to 100,000 cycles. That’s over 25 years of normal use. Another important feature is that the runners are enclosed in the track and therefore cannot jump out. Smooth and strong they are able to hold a door panel weight of up to 100Kg, but most doors are no where near that heavy. We can even supply you with a track and runners that will take up to 150Kg! 


PEACE OF MIND: Our track is maintance free, but in the unlikely event a child pokes a toy into the track, the track can be fully extractable without ever having to break into the wall! If you wanted to change the position of the rear door stop after installation, again this is easy to do, because the track is fully extractable.  


FULL TIMBER LINING KIT:  The Eclisse Pocket Door Systems comes complete with full jamb kit specifically designed by Eclisse including dust-brushes and recessed door post with integral bumpers (for the single version) for a beautiful, professional finish.

warranty-blk.png A GREAT  GUARANTEE- The Eclisse steel pocket door system is guaranteed for 12 years.