Not all pocket doors are the same

When you’re comparing an Eclisse pocket door system against other brands, take a moment to  check how they stack up against all the benefits of Eclisse.

To learn more about the pocket doors in detail download this Pocket Guide to Pocket Doors



door.png      THE FLEXIBILITY TO USE YOUR OWN DOOR:  You can choose your own style of door to use because our systems fit standard UK size door panels. So we don't supply wooden doors BUT we do supply the Glass Pocket Door systems with the most beautiful glass doors.
uk.png      A PRODUCT SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR THE UK MARKET: Designed for standard UK door sizes (metric and imperial), standard UK door thickness 35 or 44mm and for use with standard UK 12.5mm plasterboard. 

TIME-SAVING: Each kit is made to measure for one door size so it fits first time every time; no cutting of steels, no adjusting heights, spot on every time.


A COMPLETE FRAME WITH FULL POCKET:  Years ago the only pocket door kit you could get were made up of just a track and two wooden slats to create the pocket and these systems are still around today. Unlike the old-style kits, the robust Eclisse system assembles into a complete unit i.e. pocket, track and metal doorpost and is installed as a completed unit. Super-strong, time-saving, no messing about.


STRENGTH IS EVERYTHING: The Eclisse system ‘pocket’ is made up of super strong 1.2mm galvanised steel specially formed profiles. Why is it important for the pocket to be strong? Because it replaces the studwork in your wall.


SPEEDY FRAME ASSEMBLY: Assembly is a piece of cake with our quick-click frame.


SUPER FAST INSTALLATION: Because you are inserting a complete unit into the stud work, installation can take, on average, as little as an hour …. just 60 minutes! Check out this super fast installer here who can assemble a single classic frame as little as 12 minutes 35 seconds!


THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL: This is where Eclisse makes all the difference; even the smallest detail like the floor guide has been carefully designed so that it will fit perfectly dead centre in a matter of seconds.


EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED: No extra trips to the builder merchants is required with the Eclisse system; even the screws to attach the plasterboard to the frame are supplied. The classic systems come with a professionally designed jamb kit with brushes and bumpers. It couldn’t be easier.


FORGET RUST!: There’s no need to worry when putting an Eclisse galvanised steel frame into your wall. The Eclisse galvanised steel system has been subjected to rigorous European testing standards and passed at the highest level. So the Eclisse pocket door systems are suitable for areas of the house that are prone to moisture, such as bathrooms, utilities, and basements.  


MAINTENANCE FREE RUNNERS: All our pocket door systems come with runners that have been tested to 100,000 cycles. That’s over 25 years of normal use. Another important feature is that the runners are enclosed in the track and therefore cannot jump out. Smooth and strong they are able to hold a door panel weight of up to 100Kg, but most doors are no where near that heavy. We can even supply you with a track and runners that will take up to 150Kg! 


PEACE OF MIND WITH EXTRACTABLE TRACK: Our track is maintenance free, but in the unlikely you ever need to remove it, the track can be fully extracted without ever having to break into the wall! If you wish to retrofit an accessory like a BIAS soft-close anti-slam this is easily possible because of the extractable track.


EXPERT CUSTOMER SERVICE: The members of our UK based Customer Service Team are Eclisse product specialists. They have attended courses, assembled products and probably answered every question about pocket doors you can imagine.



warranty-black15.png   A GREAT  GUARANTEE- The Eclisse steel pocket door system is guaranteed for 15 years

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