Villa Collivo includes ECLISSE Pocket Door and Flush Doors into the design

Villa Collivo includes ECLISSE Pocket Door and Flush Doors into the design

Posted by Kevin Stanley on 30th May 2024

Lazise, a picturesque town on the eastern shore of Lake Garda, has become one of Italy's most popular tourist destinations, loved by both Italian and foreign visitors.

Villa Collivo, dining room

The landscape from the villa is very impressive, the magnificent view of the lake and its crystal-clear waters are perfect for a weekend of escape and relaxation. Fishing boats can be seen on the water, picturesque cafes line the shores of the lake and frequent festivals enliven streets and parks with colourful kiosks.

Villa Collivo is situated in the town. It is a modern green building designed to offer comfort for tourists, boasting a large garden and a swimming pool, overlooking the lake and an estate planted with vines and olive trees. The first floor has five large independent suites for residents and each suite has underfloor heating and air conditioning.

The architect of the interior design of Villa Collivo was Francesca Rapisarda and it is characterised by the skilful use of colours which give each room a unique and distinctive atmosphere.

ECLISSE sliding doors at Villa Collivo, Lazise

The furnishings are composed of modern and contemporary pieces and offer an elegant and bright environment.

ECLISSE sliding pocket doors and Syntesis flush hinged doors have been installed in the apartments to effortlessly connect rooms to one another. The pocket doors make it possible to make the most of the available space, especially in the corridors, creating a sense of spaciousness and fluidity.

Villa Collivo: bathroom

The minimalist design of the flush-to-wall Syntesis doors adds a touch of modernity and elegance to the rooms. Thanks to the absence of any frame and exterior finish the doors help to create a clean and refined look to the entire project.  

ECLISSE flush-to-the-wall door with lacquered door

Year: 2019
Type: Hotel
Interior: arch. Francesca Rapisarda, arch. Lorenzo Boscani
Casing: Roberto Facchinetti
Location: Lazise, Verona
Products: ECLISSE Syntesis Flush

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