Three-storey Townhouse in Lincoln

Three-storey Townhouse in Lincoln

Posted by Kevin Stanley on 6th Jun 2023

Property Developer Andrew Borrill, lives in a three-storey townhouse in the beautiful marina development of Burton Waters near Lincoln, with his wife Marie Jose. The couple are both Directors of their own lettings agency - Rooms in Lincoln.

Having rented their home prior to buying it they knew exactly what they wanted, and they decided to fully renovate it. Maria Jose comes from Spain where pocket doors are very popular. So, being familiar with the concept, they installed four ECLISSE pocket door systems in their home and are delighted with the results.

“We’ve converted the ground floor into an office and fitness room,” says Borrill. “The first floor is an open plan living/dining room and kitchen, and the bedrooms are on the second floor. On the first floor we installed a pocket door in the cloakroom which enabled us to change the position, and increase the size of the wash basin. "We were able to change the layout because there wasn’t a door opening onto anything, so that improved the space,” he explains. We are extremely pleased with our ECLISSE pocket doors which we have incorporated into our three-story townhouse and the modern impact that these have created is truly amazing! Not to mention of course the space saving and utilisation and maximisation of our floor plan.

“In the living room, because fire regulations dictate it in three-storey houses, we installed a system with a fire-rated 940mm door for which ECLISSE was able to offer us a full system.” When open, it exposes the beautiful glass and chrome staircase. “It works really well in terms of helping to create a modern and clean-looking house,” says Borrill. “On the second floor we installed two pocket door systems between the bedrooms and the ensuites. We have regained the space behind where a normal hinged door would be and utilised this space by maximising our floorplan, as well as creating more convenient access.”

As a property developer Andrew appreciates that pocket doors are most popular in apartments in places like London where space is at a premium, but he believes that they should be more popular in general. “I think they’re amazing. I think very few houses in small cities like Lincoln will have pocket doors, but our neighbours and guests have been really impressed by them.”

As well as being highly complimentary about the pocket door systems, Borrill also praised the customer service he received from ECLISSE by saying: “It’s not just the products, the customer service that I received from ECLISSE was brilliant. I didn’t always speak to the same person, but the level of knowledge was very good throughout the team. What would have been a standard level of customer service 30 years ago, you very rarely find now, customer service has got worse, but ECLISSE are exceptional.”

Photography credit: Andrew Borrill

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