How To Guide: Removing a door from a Syntesis pocket door system

How To Guide: Removing a door from a Syntesis pocket door system

Posted by Kevin Stanley on 10th Nov 2023

Note: Unlike the Classic pocket door system, there is no top jamb on the Syntesis system. There are however, infill strips, that are seated in the gap between the top of the door and the underside of the passageway. They are pushed up into a groove. They can be painted to match the surroundings.

To remove the door from the Syntesis pocket door system follow these steps:

1) Making sure that the door is in the open position, remove the infill strips by pulling them down from underneath

Tip: The infill strips are flexible. If you have painted them, the paint may flake off at the edges, and this may need to be retouched after they are reinstated.

2) Pull the door halfway out of the pocket

3) Locate the grey cap - at the top of the leading edge of the door

4) Pull the cap off, behind which you will find a black plastic block, with a black grub screw inside. The grub screw should be in the upper of the two holes

5) Unwind the grub screw from the upper hole and remove it

6) Reinsert the grub screw into the lower hole and wind it back

7) This action will have lifted up a locking lever internally that will allow you to slide the black plastic block free of the leading edge of the door

8) Take the weight of the door and slide the black plastic block out, all the way to the door post

Tip: You may want to slide a pallet knife behind the hanging bolt to assist you with pulling the bracket out of the door

9) Slide the door to the point of being 90% closed

10) Pivot the door out of the system, until the back edge of the door appears

11) Unscrew the bracket from the back edge of the door (there are three screws to remove) and slide the door off the bracket this will allow you to remove the door

12) Remove the door.

You are now able to gain access to the track and runners as well as able to make adjustments to the hanging bolts. You can change your door and put a new door in place.

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