Creating a utility room without restriction- Renovating Number 174

Creating a utility room without restriction- Renovating Number 174

Posted by Kevin Stanley on 31st May 2023

Jane and Paul have been renovating their home, situated on the border between London and Surrey, since they bought it in August 2019. The project has involved remodelling the downstairs floorplan and the creation of a separate utility room and downstairs toilet – which would not have been possible without installing a pocket door.

The couple wanted to create a utility room and downstairs toilet, but only had a very small space in which to do it. They wanted a space that was as functional as possible, that was also aesthetically pleasing. They were advised that the space, measuring just 2.6m x 1.3m was too small for their plans. But their response was to use clever planning and an innovative floorplan layout to achieve what had not been thought possible.

“We decided to use a pocket door and ECLISSE came highly recommended to us from many sources,” says Jane. “Also, Paul is a bespoke joiner who has fitted ECLISSE products previously and was impressed with the quality.”

As a conventional door would not have worked due to a lack of space to allow for it to open and close, the couple decided to add a pocket door system into their renovation. “We achieved separation of the utility room and downstairs toilet by adding a pocket door system into the space,” explains Jane. “We needed a quality and durable product as it would be very difficult to access the pocket once installed due to the small size of the space.”

“Incorporating a pocket door allowed us to bring our design to reality and now it’s one of our favourite features at No. 174. It’s allowed us to save so much space in our home, particularly in a very small area. Adding a pocket door, whilst a little more expensive, has allowed us to achieve the design and look that we wanted,” says Jane.

Jane and Paul are so pleased with the finished result that they will be using a second pocket door elsewhere in their home at a later stage of their renovation project.

Photography Credit: Renovatenumber174

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