Eclisse Double Glass Pocket Doors provide the Wesson's with flexible living space

Eclisse Double Glass Pocket Doors provide the Wesson's with flexible living space

Posted by Caroline Clarkson on 28th Jun 2017

The Wessons decided that now their extended family was expanding and the grand children were of a certain age that it would be better to open up their sitting room and dining room/sun lounge area as one big space to make it easier to entertain larger numbers.

Natural light streams through the south facing windows in their dining room/sun lounge but the north facing sitting room area tends to be dark and they wanted to make the most of the light throughout their property.

The Wessons knew how they wanted their space to work. They wanted to be able to have their family round for a meal and then let the children play or watch television in the dining room/conservatory whilst the adults relaxed in the sitting room.

The challenges were:

  • To open up the space between the sitting room and dining room
  • To allow the sitting room to benefit from the natural light flooding into the dining area/conservatory
  • To be able to close off the sitting room area from the dining room area when required whilst still benefiting from the natural light coming from the back of the property.

They decided to use Eclisse Double Glass Pocket Doors to allow the space to open up when required and to close the space off to become more cosy when required. The use of glass doors would allow the sitting room to benefit from extra natural light from the back of the house when the door were closed. Because the door are pocket doors the doors slide into pockets in the wall and do not open out in the room as the Wessons were able to position furniture closer to the double doors than they would have been able to do if they were hinged double doors.


New layout with Eclisse Glass Pocket Doors

The Eclisse Double Glass Pocket Door Systems are supplied with 10 mm frameless tempered glass doors produced and designed by Karis in a region of Venice, Italy. The glass doors come in a wide range of designs from plain transparent or opaque (satin) glass, to satin glass with stunning sandblasted designs, Murano inserts*, coloured glass and mirrored glass.

The Wessons chose a Syntesis® Flush Pocket Door System (architrave-free) and coupled it with a satin sandblasted 10mm doors in a Fireworks patterns.

*Murano inserts are sections of colourful glass that are added to sandblasted designs to add colour and texture.

Using pocket doors meant that the furniture in the living room could be pushed back closer to the doors making the living room feel more spacious.