Do Eclisse pocket door frames come supplied with the timber doors?

No, you have the freedom to choose your own door style or even use an existing door.

There are 10 standard door sizes in the UK and there is a specific pocket door frame for each size.

We do however supply Glass Pocket Door Systems with frameless glass doors.

If you have a non-standard door size we are able to supply bespoke frames to suit. Please contact our Customer Service Team on 0333 5770828 for details.

What is a jamb kit?

We supply a jamb kit (timber lining kit) with our Classic pocket door systems i.e. those that require finishing off with architrave. Not all pocket door suppliers provide a professional jamb kit with their products so please bear this in mind when looking at alternative products. Key things to know about the jamb kits are:

  • The jamb kit is a timber lining kit that is attached to the pocket door framework that covers the edges of the door when it is closed so you cannot see the top of the door or into the pocket.
  • Jamb kits are only supplied with the Classic styles and not with the Syntesis Flush Collection which do not require them.
  • We do not supply the final architrave i.e. the decorative architrave that you see around traditional doors. You will want to source decorative architrave to match the rest of the property.

For more about what is included in the jamb kit here.

Are there different jambs for different frames?

Yes. The single and double Classic Pocket Door frames can be assembled to two different finished wall thicknesses.

There are therefore two different sizes of jamb kit depending on whether you are requiring a 100 or 125mm finished wall thickness.

Please consider your requirements carefully before ordering.

What is satin glass?

Satin glass allows light through but obscures what you can see. Satin glass is acid etched glass that is polished for an easy-clean finish.

The further away objects are from the glass the more opaque it becomes.

It is ideal for en-suites, utilities and most glass door situations except for family bathrooms where we would recommend sandblasting both sides or opting for a solid coloured laminate for complete privacy.

See images showing the opacity here.

What guarantee is offered on the frames and jambs?

Eclisse galvanised steel pocket system with top track holder and steel doorpost suitable for use with standard type doors, not supplied by us. Also supplied the wooden jambs kit including, dust brushes and a recessed wooden door post with internal rubber bumpers.

Guarantees and Warrantees – The Eclisse steel system is guaranteed for 15 years against material and manufacturing defects. It is not guaranteed by us for the installation which is not our responsibility. The wooden jamb kit is guaranteed for 5 years.

What guarantee is offered on the Karis Glass Doors?

Karis glass doors are guaranteed for a period of 5 years from delivery date.

This guarantee covers defects that may occur during that period due to the manufacturing process only. This guarantee does not cover accidental or other damage.

Please note that cleaning of any Karis glass door should be undertaken only with cold water and a cotton cloth (lint free if possible). Use of any detergents or other fluids on the Karis door will invalidate this guarantee.

What guarantee is offered on handles and locks?

The ESSENTIALS COLLECTION of handles and locks comes with a 2 year guarantee.

The FIRENZE COLLECTION of handles and locks comes with a 3 year guarantee.

Does the Eclisse pocket door frame require maintenance or cleaning?

No special maintenance or cleaning is required as the Eclisse steel unit is guaranteed for 15 years and has maintenance free parts. Should for any reason the track need to be accessed, this can be done without breaking into the wall, first remove the architraves (if any) and the jambs to one side of the door, loosen the lock nuts on the brackets at the top of the doors and slide the door out. You now have access to the running track above the opening, remove the visible small screws being careful to leave the larger screws in the special holes alone. After removing the small screws the track can then be pulled towards the door post and removed. Follow the reverse procedure for re-assembly.

For more about removing a door from an Eclisse system, click here

What guarantee is offered on accessories?

A 2 year guarantee is offered on accessories.

Do you offer installation?

No, we supply only. Our systems are relatively easy to install by builders, joiners and even competant DIY'ers. Links to YouTube installation videos are available on the product pages under 'video'.

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