​We say Eclisse pocket door systems are quick and easy to assemble but just how quick is that?

​We say Eclisse pocket door systems are quick and easy to assemble but just how quick is that?

Posted by Caroline Clarkson on 30th Jun 2019

ECLISSE products are a result of thoughtful and considered design. Quality and aesthetics are important but so is ease of installation. That is why this installer is able to install a single pocket door frame in an amazing 12 minutes 35 seconds! We wouldn’t expect all of our customers to be able to achieve the same, but it just shows you how quick it can be.

How is this possible? It’s because we design with the installers in mind

Our products are packed with ingenious features that have been specifically designed to make assembly and installation easier for the installer.

  • Buy the kit that fits: Our pocket door frames are pre-cut to size. We don’t expect you to waste time cutting steel sections to size to suit your door or making difficult adjustments to fit. We offer a range of sizes that are made to measure to fit standard UK door sizes , you just pick the kit that fits your standard door size, so it fits first time, every time.
  • Super quick frame assembly: Our quick-click pocket doorframes can be assembled simply by clicking the metal sections together. The whole frame assembly can be constructed really quickly with only 8 screws.
  • No alignment issues: Unlike other systems, the door post, pocket and track assemble together and are inserted into the stud work as a complete unit which helps to ensure the door will run true and in line.
  • The difference is in the detail: The emphasis on easy fit goes down to the smallest detail, even the door guide has been designed to fit perfectly, dead centre in a matter of seconds.
  • Everything you need is included: Our Classic systems come with a specially design jamb kit helping you to create a professional finish. We even supply the screws to fit the plasterboard to the system. All you need to supply is the decorative architrave (you will want to match this to the rest of the property), the plasterboard and the door.
  • Easy to transport, store and handle: Because our product comes in kit form in 233 cm by 15 cm by 17 cm box (including jambs) it is easy to transport, store and handle.

We also support installers via our online YouTube installation videos and help is always on hand over the telephone via our friendly and helpful expert support team.

So when you are choosing which brand of pocket door to buy, just bear in mind not all pocket door kits are the same.

At ECLISSE we’ve thought of you, the installer, to make assembly and installation as hassle free as possible. We’ve gone to great lengths to create a quality product that is:

  • Strong –  it’s been independently dynamic impact tested for toughness
  • Corrosion-resistant – it’s been corrosion tested, passing at the highest level
  • Maintenance-free – if the system is installed correctly we would expect it to operate smoothly for many years to come, which is why we are happy to offer a 15 year guarantee for the ECLISSE metal system against material and manufacturing defects. In fact the runners we use have been tested to 100,000 cycles ( approx. 25 years of normal use) and they were still going strong.
  • Has an extractable track : The ECLISSE system is completely maintenance free however, the track and runners are fully extractable should anything unforeseen happen or if you want to retrofit an accessory.

This means that you’ll be happy because your customer will be happy. It’s going to work and it’s going to last, why put anything else in the wall?

If you have any further questions give our Customer Service Team a call on  0333 5770828.

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