Let Us Inspire You: Secret Doors - a modern take on the jib door

Let Us Inspire You: Secret Doors - a modern take on the jib door

Posted by Caroline Clarkson on 27th Oct 2020

Hinged doors without a surrounding architrave may not be a new idea, but advances in concealed frame design has meant that it is trend that is gathering momentum across the continent and also here in the UK. There are many examples throughout history of doors without architrave being incorporated into a room design and these were often referred to as secret or ‘jib’ doors. Typically the door would be hidden with wallpaper or painted and even have matching skirting at the base of the door. Sometimes they would have pictures or a mirror hung from the door to further disguise its existence.

Source: www.theenglishhome.co.uk

The use of jib doors in the Georgian period was a popular interior design trick employed to maintain the ‘balance’ of interiors. A visit to an old country house or town house will often reveal examples of jib doors. The mansion at Wimpole Estate, Cambridgeshire (National Trust), is a prime example. The Queen has her own jib door, in the White Drawing Room, that allows her access to official rooms from her own private quarters.

The interior design concept of the secret or jib door still has merit today providing a practical way to disguise storage rooms, an under stairs cupboard, an ensuite, or even doors to adjoining rooms and so maintaining the ‘balance’ of the room and its layout.

A more contemporary take on the jib door decorated with ornate patterned wallpaper is to use wallpaper with a more modern print, to paint the door the same color as the wall, to add a mural to the wall which continues over the door, or to continue paneling or boarding across the wall and the door.

Here are some examples where an ECLISSE Syntesis® Hinged Frame system has been used to create a secret or jib door.

In this project the wall and Syntesis Flush Door have been covered with a tailor made wallpaper print giving the appearance of neoclassical architecture with a cheeky twist.

Multiple doors are hidden in this showroom by the choice of print used.

Wall stickers are used here to reduce the impact of the doors.

Another example of the use of wall stickers to disguise Syntesis Flush Doors can be seen at the ECLISSE London Showroom in the Business Design Centre in Islington.

Making the door less obvious by painting it the same colour as the wall.

A striking mural hides the appearance of the doors.

To find out more about the ECLISSE Syntesis Flush Hinged Door system visit the product page here or call our friendly Customer Service Team on 0333 5770828. This product is part of our Syntesis Flush Collection which includes a single and double architrave free pocket door system, flush skirting board adapters as well as a single and double Syntesis Flush Hinged Door system. 

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