Let Us Inspire You: Make your en-suite or bathroom seem bigger and brighter with a glass pocket door

Let Us Inspire You: Make your en-suite or bathroom seem bigger and brighter with a glass pocket door

Posted by Caroline Clarkson on 29th Oct 2020

How can you add more usable space and light to a bathroom or ensuite layout without moving walls or adding a sky light? The answer is simple- install an ECLISSE Glass Pocket Door. Removing a traditional hinged door and replacing it with a pocket door will allow you to optimise your layout. The diagram below shows how a shower can be added into a 32 sq ft space where previously only a toilet and hand basin would fit.

By combining the ECLISSE pocket door frame with stunning beautiful tempered glass doors from KARIS, a neighbouring factory in the Veneto region of Italy, we have successfully combined form and function to produce a range of frameless glass pocket doors that are a perfect addition to any ensuite or bathroom.

Satin glass is an ideal finish for ensuites. It allows light through but obscures what you can see. Satin glass is acid etched glass that is polished for an easy-clean finish. The further away objects are from the glass the more opaque it becomes.

The satin base and can be combined with a vast array of sandblasted design options as well as a wide choice of handles and locks. The glass itself is produced using a modern production technique called the float process that results in a perfectly smooth surface. The process of sandblasting glass (sometimes known as etching) is one of the oldest forms glass decoration and be used to create intricate elegant and contemporary designs on the glass. We have a wide range of designs for you to choose from but we can also accommodate bespoke designs too.

For family bathrooms where more privacy is required, we recommend sandblasting both sides or opting for a solid coloured laminate frameless glass door panel.

ECLISSE Glass Pocket Door prices start from £475 + Vat for an 8mm plain satin single glass pocket door. For a range of designs and for a choice of handles and locks you need to look at the 10mm glass pocket door range where prices start from £695 + Vat. For more information about the ECLISSE range of glass pocket doors visit www.eclisse.co.uk or call our friendly customer service team on 0333 5770828.

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