Ireland Project incorporates ECLISSE Pocket Doors

Ireland Project incorporates ECLISSE Pocket Doors

Posted by Hester Cross on 15th Jan 2021

Laura and Peter have embarked on a fantastic project and documented  their progress on their Instagram page (teach_na_coille19), helping others with useful tips and tricks. The property not only is situated in beautiful Countryside of Ireland, but also features 4 ECLISSE pocket door systems that they have been chosen to save space and add to the stunning aesthetic. 

We asked Laura and Peter some questions regarding their ongoing project and their thoughts working with the ECLISSE pocket door systems...

Can you give us a brief background on the ongoing project?

Our house is a 2185 sqft, contemporary designed bungalow which is currently being built by Direct Labour in Co. Westmeath, Ireland.

During pre planning, we were advised that a bungalow was their best option to get planning permission. We didn't want the "traditional" bungalow, having both grown up in one and their architect really nailed the brief.

The house consists of two, one room deep narrow rectangular forms. The bedrooms are located to the north with a large open plan living area to the south. Both are joined by a bright connecting hallway which includes a utility and separate plant room.

The house is currently at the internal plastering stage.

What are your favourite features of the renovation?
Externally, we love the different textures that have been created through the use of stonework and cedar cladding. We think it really adds to the house.

Internally, we love the open plan area. It will incorporate a kitchen with a large island, dining area and a living space. It has a fully vaulted ceiling with oak trusses. The wood for the trusses came from Peter’s land in Co. Galway. The trees are over 270 years old and were felled in 1945, so not only does it have that wow factor it also has a special meaning too.

 What made you choose pocket doors and what research did you do regarding them?
Our architect had them in our first set of plans and we really loved the idea of them.

As we are limited with the floor area of our house, we thought that pocket doors would optimise the space in a contemporary manner.

Peter spent hours looking up the various systems online, watching videos and we also spoke to a few door companies and tradesmen.How was the service you received from the ECLISSE UK team like and would you use us again for future projects?

We purchased our ECLISSE pocket doors from Doorware in Galway, Ireland. We would definitely use them again. The service was excellent!
 How was the installation process of the pocket door systems? Did you experience any challenges? If so, how did you overcome this?

Peter installed the pocket door systems himself and found it fairly straight forward. The Assembly and Installation Guide were a huge help, along with all the videos available online.

However, as the system was being put into 100mm of masonry wall, which wouldn’t be as accurately built as wood/ steel studwork, we required a laser to ensure that the track was put in level. Also, as we were mounting it to concrete blocks, concrete screws had to be used which required us to modify the pre-drilled holes for mounting the frame.

Another challenge we experienced was that our openings weren’t made to the correct size during the blockwork stage. We had one opening that was too narrow so we had to cut the masonry work with a consaw.. Two more of the openings were too wide so extra studwork had to be built.

Lastly, have you got a date in mind for completion on this project?

With Covid, construction has been put on hold. We hope restrictions will be lifted soon so we can move on to the next stage. But all going well, we hope to move in during the summer. | 0333 5770828 | [email protected]

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