Extension Envy with ECLISSE Pocket Door Systems

Extension Envy with ECLISSE Pocket Door Systems

Posted by Hester Cross on 24th May 2022

Combining old and new aspects in to their build, Sally and Paul have extended their parents listed farmhouse, creating a multigenerational home life.  They have chosen an ECLISSE pocket door kit to blend their hallway and living room perfectly. The family have shared their ongoing story and project on their Instagram platform @our_farmhouse_extention and we can't wait to see more of what's to come.

With Sally and Paul mainly living in the extended part of the house, but sharing some of the old property, it allowed them to mix old and new architecture whilst keeping the space functional.

• What made you decide to include an ECLISSE pocket door in to your project rather than hinged doors?
The pocket door was actually my dad's idea, as we needed a door to separate the living room to the hallway. The hallway has a retained original window of the old property that is a lovely feature and also a light source so we didn't want a door opening onto this. So a pocket door was the perfect solution.

• What was your experience of buying from Eclisse?
The experience of buying from Eclisse was very easy and everything arrived on time.

• How do you find the installation process of ECLISSE system?
My husband installed the system himself and said it was a simple installation after watching the you tube guide and following the instructions that came with the kit.

• What were your thoughts of our products after using them in your project?
We've been really impressed and are really happy with finished product.

• Would you consider using Eclisse products again?
We would definitely recommend and would buy again from Eclisse.

We would like to say thank you to Sally and Paul for sharing your story and project with ECLISSE. 

Check out their story at @our_farmhouse_extention

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