Enhancing Your Interior Space With ECLISSE

Enhancing Your Interior Space With ECLISSE

Posted by Hester Cross on 17th Jul 2019

    Architects, builders, renovators and independent self builders are all looking in to and using pocket door systems more and more in their projects and interiors. Pocket doors are not a new idea, but what you may not know is that at ECLISSE we have worked tirelessly to create a high quality pocket door system that works well, is designed to last and is easy to install. Our products are comprehensively tested and that is why we can confidently offer a 15 year guarantee. It's not just the fact that pocket doors save space that has made pocket doors increasingly popular, it is the fact that ECLISSE pocket door systems provide the installer with everything they need to install a perfect pocket door every time.

    ECLISSE have also continued to innovate and create pocket door solutions for a whole range of applications. Whatever the room or space, there is an ECLISSE pocket door to suit! 


    ECLISSE pocket door systems are a perfect way of adding more usable space to a bathroom or ensuite. Most people would automatically think of using a timber door for a pocket door on bathroom for privacy but there are other exciting alternatives. We have a special relationship with KARIS, a specialist glass door manufacturer from the Veneto region of Italy. KARIS have developed a wide range of door finishes for the ECLISSE pocket door system which allows us to offer a solid coloured glass door and also a glass door that has been sandblasted on both sides, both of which are perfect for bathrooms.

    For an ensuite complete privacy tends to be less of a requirement. Any one of the many stunningly beautiful satin sandblasted glass door designs from KARIS would be a suitable choice for use with the ECLISSE pocket door system. The advantage of using a satin glass door for your ensuite is that it:

    • Makes the space feel bigger without moving the walls
    • Makes the space feel brighter without adding a skylight
    • Allows you to add more sanitary ware in the space available


    Pocket doors are perfect for freeing up space in a bedroom. Whether you introduce a mirrored glass pocket door for an elegant yet practical feature or a Syntesis Flush (i.e. architrave free) pocket door so the demarcation between the door and wall is less obvious, a pocket door can help improve the layout of a bedroom by increasing the usable space available.

    Living Room / Dining Room

    Doors that are there when you need them and disappear when you don't...why not have the option to separate and open up your space with ECLISSE pocket door systems?! The doors are top hung and threshold free so flooring can be continued all the way through.

    One of the most popular uses for a pocket door is to divide the space between the lounge and dining room. This creates the option to enjoy the total space when doors are open or separate the two rooms when closed; there is also the option to choose the glass pocket door systems so you can still maximise the natural light in the space. To see the range of ECLISSE glass pocket doors, click Here.

    Loft Conversions

    It can be difficult to find the right door your loft conversion due to the limitation of light and space. A pocket door fits perfectly in to this situation! No restrictive passage ways, no interrupted thresholds, it's easy! Classic single and double FD30 pocket door system are also available if a fire-rated solution is required for your particular project.

    If you require any further information contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 0333 5770828.

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