Brick and Block Construction impress clients using ECLISSE Pocket Door Systems

Brick and Block Construction impress clients using ECLISSE Pocket Door Systems

Posted by Hester Cross on 15th Dec 2021

Brick and Block Construction used ECLISSE products in their recent project in Leamington Spa and agreed to speak to us at ECLISSE UK regarding their experience with our team and products.

They have cleverly installed a Classic Single Fire-rated Pocket Door System in to an large open plan kitchen/ diner, not only to be practical for space saving, but including a specialised Fire-rated system has allowed them to easily accommodate to building control and the clients needs for the project. 

  • Can you give us a brief overview of the Royal Leamington Spa project?
    The project in question was carried out to create a very large open plan kitchen and dining/living space. 
  •  What made you decide to include ECLISSE pocket doors into your build rather than hinged doors?
    The reasons why the client choose an ECLISSE pocket door rather than a hinged were They also require less space than a hinged door. The client wanted a sense of openness as well as having to comply with building control. With it being three storey home a fire door was needed -

  • What was your experience of buying from Eclisse?
    The client purchased the product from you. However, they never had any complaints.
  •  How do you find the installation process of ECLISSE systems?
    The installation is very straight forward and simple, even for someone fitting it for the first time.
  •  What were your thoughts of our products after using them in your build?
    The product was of a very high quality so made it a joy to work with along with it being very precise.
  • Would you consider using Eclisse products again?
    I definitely would, as a matter of fact, we are considering its use on our current project.

Explore how you could incorporate an ECLISSE Pocket Door System in to your interior by visiting our website at or giving our customer service team a call on 0333 5770828. 

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