Eclisse Syntesis® Flush Collection


Why a choose a flush door system?

The Eclisse Syntesis® Flush Collection includes a wide range of products, in fact, everything you need for a flush, minimalist interior.  Innovative and unique design features are abundant in products across the Eclisse portfolio and the Syntesis® Flush Collection is no exception. Eclisse Syntesis® Flush door systems do not require jambs or architrave and have a special edge profile to allow for a crisp plaster finish up to the edge.  

How do they work?

Syntesis® Flush Single Pocket Door Frame 

Syntesis® Flush Single Pocket Door Frame 

  • Minimalist, flush finish with no jambs or architrave: The Syntesis® Flush Pocket Door System has no jambs or architrave for a crisp, flush finish thanks its innovative edge profile that results in a crisp plaster finish right to the edge and into the return.  
  • Ingenious features: The Syntesis® Flush Pocket Door System has a front door stop and an ingenious rear doorstop which can be adjusted without removing the door.  So you can adjust how far you want your door to retract into the pocket without having to remove the door.


  Syntesis® Flush Single Hinged Door Frame- Pull Option and Push Option

Syntesis® Flush Single Hinged Door Frame- Push Option


Syntesis® Flush Single Hinged Door Frame- Pull Option

  • Innovative edge profile: The Syntesis® Flush Hinged Door System does not require jambs or architrave. It's innovative edge profile allows for a crisp plaster finish right up to the edge. It has a strong box cross sectional aluminium frame designed to reduce the risk of plaster cracking to a very minimum.   
  • Blend in or stand out: Make a feature of your flush hinged doors or paint the doors the same colour as the walls so they blend into the background, the choice is yours. Get creative and enjoy the freedom that a concealed frame doors give to your design. 
  • Push or pull available: The single and double flush hinged systems are available in a push or pull version.



Choose to blend in...


... or choose to stand out



A complete range of products for a flush, minimalist interior

  • Syntesis® Flush Pocket Single 
  • Syntesis® Flush Pocket Double
  • Syntesis® Flush Wiring-Ready Single 
  • Syntesis® Flush Wiring-ReadyDouble
  • Syntesis® Flush Hinged Single
  • Syntesis® Flush Glass Single
  • Syntesis® Flush Glass Double
  • Syntesis® Flush Skirting



Syntesis® Flush Pocket Door System - no jambs or architrave for a crisp, flush finish 



Syntesis® Flush Skirting - with this skirting board adapter your skirting can be flush with the wall.