ECLISSE Launches RIBA Accredited Pocket Door CPD

ECLISSE Launches RIBA Accredited Pocket Door CPD

Posted by Caroline Clarkson on 25th Mar 2019

Established since 2001, ECLISSE UK has been the driving force behind the growth and acceptance of the pocket door in the UK market. In order to further promote and illustrate the benefits of the pocket door, we have recently developed a CPD presentation entitled ‘The Future of Doors: Pocket Doors’

This RIBA accredited CPD is part of the design, construction and technology RIBA core curriculum and comprehensively covers the topic of pockets doors, including different frame configurations available, different styles and variations possible, and considerations when specifying a pocket door. 


The learning aims are:

  • Introduction
  • A brief history
  • What is a pocket door?
  • Pocket door variations – style i.e. with or without architrave; type i.e. single, double, telescopic, curved, glass, FD30
  • Pocket door construction
  • Why use a pocket door?
  • Considerations when specifying a pocket door - fire safety, safety, functionality, testing and certification, inclusive design and disability, maintenance and sustainability
  • Installation considerations
  • Case studies

  • Not content with simply talking about pocket doors, we knew it was important to be able to physically demonstrate how beautiful and practical our pocket doors are to clients and so a plan to create a showroom in London with full sized displays of pocket doors was devised. In September 2018 we launched our new showroom space in the Business Design Centre in Islington, ideally located just down the road from Clerkenwell where a vast number of architects practices and interior designers are situated. 

    We are now able to present CPD’s from the showroom as well as at architect’s practices.

    The showroom is divided into two areas with our ECLISSE Classic Collection of pocket doors (finished with architrave) occupying the left hand side of the space and the ECLISSE Syntesis® Flush Collection of architrave free pocket and concealed frame hinged doors occupying the right. The products on display include:

  • Classic Single Pocket Door System
  • Classic Single FD30 frame and architrave
  • Classic Single Glass Pocket Door System with hand-painted CHIOMA design
  • Classic Double Glass Pocket Door System with HAKA CHA design on transparent base
  • Classic Single Telescopic Pocket Door System
  • Classic Single Curved Pocket Door System
  • Syntesis® Flush Single Glass Pocket Door System with RIGHE design on satin base.
  • Syntesis® Flush Single FD30 Pocket Door System
  • Syntesis® Flush Double Wiring-Ready Pocket Door System
  • Syntesis® Flush Single Hinged System - Push
  • Syntesis® Flush Single Hinged System - Pull
  • Syntesis® Flush Tech Riser
  • Syntesis® Flush Skirting
  • Our core range of pocket door systems a designed to fit 10 standard UK door sizes perfectly. For this reason, we don’t supply timber doors for our standard pocket door systems, but we are very proud to work in conjunction with Italian glass door supplier KARIS to be able to offer a wide range of stunningly beautiful single and double glass pocket doors.

    The pocket doors in the showroom have been installed into studwork and finished, as they would be if they were installed in a residential or commercial setting, but have been left with the reverse side partly unfinished to demonstrate how the frame is installed into studwork. 

    This gives the visitor an ideal opportunity to appreciate the design benefits of our product range whilst also gaining an understanding of how our products can be easily assembled and installed. Being able to see the finished article as well as seeing how it works that really brings a CPD presented at our showroom to life.

    How to book a CPD

    Call us on 01476 249528 or click on this link

    How to request a showroom visit

    To book an appointment please call us on 01476 249528 or click on this link

    Showroom Address:

    Business Design Centre

    Future of Doors –ECLISSE | KARIS

    Unit 125

    52 Upper St


    N1 0QH

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