ECLISSE Distributor of the Month: Cheshire Design Centre

ECLISSE Distributor of the Month: Cheshire Design Centre

Posted by Hester Cross on 2nd Jul 2018

The Cheshire Design Centre at Congleton is an Aladin's cave of exciting and innovative products, relating to and including, fires and stoves, renewable heating, flue systems, BBQ's, taps, bathroom fittings and of course, ECLISSE pocket door systems. We caught up with James at Cheshire Design Centre to get him to tell us a bit more about his involvement with ECLISSE and the wide range of pocket door systems he has in his showroom in Congleton. The showroom boasts six full sized displays of our systems ranging from our Classic Single Pocket Door System to the impressive Double Telescopic System. 

Full Size Showroom Displays at Cheshire Design Centre:

  • Classic Single 10mm Glass Pocket Door System
  • Classic Single and Double Pocket Door System
  • Syntesis® Flush Double Pocket Door System
  • Telescopic Single Pocket Door System
  • Vetroglide Surface Mounted System

James started with the bathroom side of the business, featuring the world's smallest toilet system, and then went on to develop the stoves range featured on his website. Initially James introduced ECLISSE pocket doors systems because they perfectly complemented his bathroom business and bathroom design service. The beauty of pocket doors is that they save space and so can improve a bathroom layout without having to move walls. In addition to this, the Satin Glass Pocket Door Systems have the added benefit of allowing light through but obscuring what you can see. These proved really popular for ensuites allowing customers to maximise space and light without the expense of adding windows or skylights. James soon saw the potential of ECLISSE pocket door systems and widen the range on show, including in it, both Classic (with architrave) and Syntesis® Flush (architrave free) styles. James is now one of our longest standing distributors and has an extensive knowledge of the ECLISSE product range.

  • Your website is very comprehensive, when did it launch? Our website launched a number of years ago and has a designated section for ECLISSE products. We have included an e-commerce site more recently to make the website more of user friendly. 
  • Are you happy with the quality of Eclisse systems that you’ve used in your showroom?   The ECLISSE systems have never let me down and they do run well. It's good to have such a range in our showroom as people like to see the product before they purchase. There are also many people who don't come to Cheshire Design Centre for a ECLISSE pocket door but, once they see them and the benefits they create, their minds are changed.
  • You have quite a range in you showroom, would you recommend a certain system or do you have a favourite in particular?   I have the Vetroglide on the work office and it is perfect for what I need and runs wells. My office is in the showroom so it becomes more of an open space with the glass door. 
  • Would you use them in your own property or recommend ECLISSE to a friend?  I actually have two in my own house! I have the Glass Pocket Door for my en-suite which suits the space well and I also have the Classic Single Pocket Door System for my home office. I have actually made my own door for the Classic System as well as I wanted it to make a statement.
  • The range at Cheshire Design Centre is quite vast, tell me a bit about the ideas behind the products...We try at Cheshire Design Centre to concentrate on innovative projects and the idea of including things in the line that have not been seen before. We sell fire stoves all the way to 'Instant Boiled Water Taps' that are becoming more and more popular when people discover the benefits. The idea of having products no one else has is a huge contribution to Cheshire Design Centre. You can see a selection of the innovative products Here

Cheshire Design Centre

Hatter St, Congleton,
Cheshire, CW12 1QQ

Phone: 01260 290044

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