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Eclisse Paris 3

Surface Mounted Sliding Door system - PARIS 3


The same kit as the Paris 2 with all the Eclisse runners and track with the addition of a full length (2.1 m.) recessed door post. This extra door post makes the installation complete with the door closing into the door post onto the bumpers so no chinks of light and no wood banging against wood. The door post is made from finger jointed fir for stability and is beautifully finished. 

Contents: 2m. long running track, 80 kg, sealed for life runners (2), adjustable runner stops (2), floor spigot guide, wooden track holder, wooden pelmet, pelmet clips, pelmet ends and recessed door post.

Max door weight 60 kg.but this depends on the type of wall you are attaching it to. Normally a solid wall will support up to 60 kg but a stud wall may need to be reinforced.

All this for just £77.50 plus carriage and VAT, give us a call on 0845 4811977.