Stunning Glass Pocket Doors

 A stunning hand-painted tempered 10mm frameless glass door from Karis coupled with a high quality pocket door frame from Eclisse

Let the sun shine in

Make the most of the natural light in your property. With ECLISSE GLASS POCKET DOOR SYSTEMS you can have open plan spaces with areas that can be closed off when required without shutting out the light. Divide a sitting room and a dining room, or a kitchen and a dining area with double glass pocket doors or a large single door to maximise natural light. Transfer more light from a corridor to a utility room or from a bedroom to an en-suite bathroom without the need to add a window or a skylight. 


A double frameless glass pocket door system with Ibiscus pattern. 10mm tempered glass with sandblasted pattern from Karis coupled with an Eclisse flush double pocket door kit.


An alliance of traditional techniques with modern design

The Eclisse glass pocket door systems come with the same high quality  CLASSIC or SYNTESIS® FLUSH frames combined with beautiful Italian frameless tempered glass doors by Karis. The glass doors are produced and designed by KARIS in a region of Venice, Italy. Anyone familiar with the term 'Venice glass' will know that Venice has a rich internationally renowned glass tradition dating back to the 15th century. 

The glass panels are produced using a modern production technique called the float process that results in a perfectly smooth surface. The process of adding design, decoration and embellishment onto the glass is highly skilled process performed by hand and not the result of mass production.

Choose from an unrivalled range of stunning designs created by glass artists. 

  • Sandblasted Patterns: beautiful, decorative door panels are created by sandblasting patterns onto transparent, satin glass or smoked glass. 
  • The Murano glass tiles or “tozzetti”, are highly decorative hand-cut glass tiles that add a touch of colour and stylish embellishment to clear and satin glass with sandblasted patterns. 
  • Handpainted: every hand painted glass door panel is a unique piece created entirely by the brushes of the expert glass decorators.
  • Coloured Glass: Energise your interior with a splash of colour. We have a range of solid colour glass doors, satin colour glass doors and laminated solid colour glass doors that can also have a mirror finish. 

Practical and beautiful and available in a wide range of patterns and colours, Eclisse glass pocket door systems allow you the freedom to have versatile and multi-functional spaces in your interior and still  make the most of the natural light available.

 Glass doors supplied by Karis, Italy

 Stunning frameless 10mm glass pocket door from Eclisse

Syntesis® Flush Glass Pocket Door System with sandblasted pattern and Murano inserts

 Solid colour frameless 10mm tempered glass doors from Karis add enegising colour to an interior.

 Solid colour and opaque coloured glass doors are available 

 Stunning hand painted 10mm tempered frameless glass door from Karis coupled with flush pocket door system from Eclisse

A range of stunning hand-painted designs are available