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The Eclisse System can be used in new build, solid or stud walls (metal or wooden), just by including the overall dimension of the frame in the wall design. In existing buildings with stud walls it is a relatively simple job to remove the required amount of the stud wall to incorporate the frame. For existing load bearing walls you have a choice; use a lintel over the frame to take the load or more simply create a false stud wall alongside the solid wall and insert the pocket into that, as the overall width is only 100mm you lose very little in terms of room but gain so much with the door not opening into the room.

Eclisse spent a long time researching and developing a product which we think is foolproof, it's so simple to assemble and install. Assembly of the pocket really does take a matter of minutes, using a series of horizontals that click together easily. And installation is done simply by screwing through the top and end verticals into the wall. Ta da!